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Confirmed! 30 Facts about Mims


Day 18 // 30 Facts About Myself

I should carefully write this fact. Nowadays too much info isn't that good. Some bad people will use it to scam you or your relative. Will make it more fun :)

1. Before my actual name, my dad gives me the name 'Rahadian Alif Pramudita' and somehow I feel him as a person and live beyond my imagination
2. A proud Geminian. Don't care if you hate meh
3. Believe in pseudoscience like blood type, MBTI
4. Arctic Monkey - Do I wanna Know will be my forever repeat song
5. Along with Sampai Jadi Debu Banda Neira
6. Before Kpop I love Jpop
7. I stuck into Kpop since 2009
8. First Kpop group I stan was SHINee
9. My first Kpop album was 2NE1/Nolza
10. Winner Every Day was my 1st Kpop concert

11. Now I raising my Kpop kids Treasure
12. I am a Potterhead
13. Hogwarts Sorting Hat said I should join Hufflepuff but I choose Gryfindor
14. I imagine myself as George Weasley from HP character together with @lutfifauzia (My bestie) as Fred Weasley
15. Ailob chicken berimac esp fried chicken
16. I lost my luggage for a week when traveling to Tanzania
17. But I got $100 as compensation and luckily my luggage back on time
18. Ailob Mie Sedap rather than Indomie
19. Tbh burjo still has the best taste with Indomie for me. That's why the menu called Internet = indomie telur kornet 😂
20. I can't eat spicy food but love spicy

21. Tim bubur nggak diaduk
22. Tim soto/bakso polosan nggak pakai kecap jeruk atau tambahan lainnya
23. Can't choose between beach or mountain both so lovely like parents. You can't choose between your mom or dad
24. I talk on my mind
25. I am regretting just learning Korean last year, I should start 10yrs ago :')
26. Jaknote is my fav market place even without a promo
27. Me after you by Paul Kim is the best music video so far, I can watch it repeatedly
28. I did 12 times blood donors until now
29. Good at managing relations with all ex 🙃
30. I have a koala sleeping habit


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