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Day 5 // Your parents

I am really blessed to have them as parents. Parents are a forever job in your life since you have kids and there is no trial for that. 

My mom is just an ordinary woman, she can't continue her study she needs to give in the chance to her siblings, she prefers to work after high school. 

Before high school graduation, a friend asked me: Why do I need to study far away if there is also the same major in my hometown? Better study here.

At night, I told my mother that I will continue my degree just in my hometown because of my friend's question. Calmly my mother answered me

"Mim, you can study anywhere. Studying in a big city is not only about studying with better facilities and materials, but also about learning to be independent, meet new people, learn to deal with cultural differences, solve problems, a process to become an adult. While you have the opportunity and the parents are capable. Take advantage and be grateful! So that someday you can share again with others"

That is my mom

My dad is a simple and humorous guy who loves to talk even with strangers. He is the one who introduces me to the reading world with Bobo magazine. He bought me a lot of books. He always told me to become like my mother who is a career woman and also takes care of the household amazingly. 

Both support me with a bunch of crazy ideas that really antimainstream for most families. They always believe me :') that is my parents.


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