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The Relocation of Indonesia's Capital : a Point of View from Borneo Girl

Dok. Kementerian PUPR
Yes, on August 26th, 2019 President of Indonesia, Mr. Jokowi announced our capital city Jakarta will move to East Borneo (Kutai Kertanegara and Penajam Paser Utara) via his social media.

As a kid who was born and raised in Borneo, I will support 99% of the government's decision, another 1% keep it for the Murphy Law. I know there are many pros and corns about this decision. Some of the corns from the majority perspective said that it will spend a lot of budgets and it will take a long time to move everything. They also expect the fund will be corrupted by some people. The most important reason from the people who disagree with the decision it is because the term of Lungs of The world for Borneo, they believe that all the development and growth will destroy it.

I know everyone really cares about our environment and the country, but do you ever think about our inequality between regions? Why was there a big difference between the petrol price in Jakarta (Rp 7.000/lt), Borneo (Rp 15.000/lt), and Papua (Rp 60.000/lt)? (luckily the government made it one price for every region since 2018) but still a lot of things inequal between our regions.

First of all, please don't think only you, guys! Please thinks of other regions that need government presence. Even though we already have a regional government but still we need Mr. President and the minister. Yup! the move of our capital will bring focus to the government, that Indonesia is not only Java, but there are also a lot of things to do with another region. For example in Borneo, illegal logging, forest burning to open fields still exist that is why every several years Borneo has smog. A never-ending story about it!

The government has a plan for the development of Indonesia’s new capital, I am sure they will make it the best environment as much as they can. It is proofed with all the design from the public competition for the new capital. “Nagara Rimba Nusa”, the winner of the competition gave the environment and our country idea philosophy in the high place in the design of our new capital.

With Kutai Kertanegara and Penajam Paser Utara as new capital which is located in the middle of Indonesia, I think it has a strategic location for the main gate of Indonesia. It will open all access to every region of Borneo. In Borneo a lot of damaged roads, hopefully after the move, the government will handle this issue.

About budgeting, yeah it will spend a lot of money on moving the capital such as Myanmar which moved Yangoon to Naypyidaw in 2005 spent about USD 5 billion, then Brazil with Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, it cost around USD 83 billion. I guess it will pay off until everything is clear. Better to invest in the development of our country in the future, rather than spending on nonsense event/procurement.

If you worry about corruption, so that is mean you need to WATCH THEM! FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT! Even you can try to be the person who involves directly with the development. You may look for the opportunity to build Indonesia’s new capital! Go! You still have time!

A lot of countries succeed to move their capital such as Japan, the USA, Brazil. I believe Indonesia soon!

Let's give Jakarta more place to breathe. We can’t let Jakarta be the capital of Indonesia forever otherwise it will become another Atlantis :3

PS :
I should write this post in August 2019 for a monthly writing challenge,
 because of some matter, I just released it today.


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  1. I do agree, it was a such tough call and Im a proud of it as a citizen. But we hv no idea that corona will hit up us like this. Digadang-gadang pembangunan untuk ibu kota baru bakal berjalan selama 4th. Tanpa ada corona aja banyak masyarakat yang skeptis, emang bisa selesai? Tetapi sekarang, rencana ini seperti menguap gitu aja.

    1. Yup! Actually it was my point of view before COVID-19. After COVID-19 hitting us a lot, I support our economic recovery first until everything getting better :)

  2. Mantap kak, aku gak bisa inggris jadi ngeramein kolom komentar aja hehe


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